Clemmer For NH

Eli Clemmer

Eli Clemmer is a liberty-minded Republican and political outsider from New Hampshire’s beloved North Country who was called to run for U.S. House of Representatives to protect American values, our way of life, and freedom of speech.

By supporting Eli’s campaign, you help to ensure that your voice is heard in Washington and your freedoms are protected and preserved for generations to come. Join the team and be a part of a new political movement!

A New Voice For
New Hampshire

With a background as a public schoolteacher & media specialist, Eli is not the typical politician. He understands the importance of a new sort of politician and hearing the voices of New Hampshire’s people.  

By coming together, respecting one another, and listening, we can help mend the culture of divisiveness in Washington D.C. for betterment of all Americans.


"America is the best and last bastion of freedom in our world; we can never let that flame burn out."

Eli D. Clemmer


Whether you are willing to visit households, make phone calls, write letters to the editor, donate, host a yard sign, or any other way of supporting Eli Clemmer, please be in touch! 
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