A New Voice for New Hampshire

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the United States House of Representatives in New Hampshire’s 2nd District. 

As a public school teacher in Berlin, a city beset with financial hardship, I know firsthand how policy and stifled economic opportunity can harm a community. First and foremost my candidacy is one of Common Sense & Integrity. 

All too often those in Washington have their sights set on their own interests, or those of their friends and political and corporate sponsors. This had lead to a twisting of the truth and turning their backs on ideals the American people hold to heart. For this sake, common sense frequently is left by the wayside. To help mend this issue, my primary campaign promises are to grow the movement to set term limits for Congress, as well as set better guides for Congress, which includes basing congressional salaries off the average American income and limiting the power of lobbyists.

To symbolize my commitment to integrity, I have made the Olive Branch my campaign logo. Americans of all walks of life need to come together and get along. We shall no longer fight over our differences, but come to a mutual understanding that we all have different points of view. As the old saying goes, we can agree to disagree. This does not mean we need to constantly undermine and attack one another. My campaign will be free of mudslinging and negativity; I will win the election on the merits of myself and my campaign, rather than the shortcomings of my political opposition. I ask my supporters to follow these words as well. Together we can set an example for the nation and build a better political culture.

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you as I build my campaign. I plan to regularly have sit down conversations with everyday citizens of New Hampshire and share different points of view to see what kinds of mutual understandings we can come to as part of my “Share Your Mind” initiative on social media. Congress and the Government should be approachable for all Americans, not just those with personal and financial connections. 

Let us build a brighter and more united future together.

-Eli D. Clemmer

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