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The 2020 Vision Challenge

The 2020 Vision Challenge is a grassroots movement to ensure the voices of the people of New Hampshire are heard. To take part, simply tell 20 people about Eli’s campaign, or donate $20, or a mix of the two that adds up to 20. This is the only request the Clemmer For Congress campaign will make for every supporter. Going above and beyond with support is appreciated and we can always use volunteers, but this simple task will help ensure our victory and is simple enough for everyone to accomplish with little effort.

Due to Eli Clemmer’s background as a public school teacher, Gold Star status is granted to any who complete both 20 people told as well as $20 donated, you’ve completed 20-20! We may also offer Gold Star status to any fun videos, art displays, activities, etc. done to promote the Clemmer For Congress campaign. Get creative and have fun!

To help, we have cards to check off your progress, which are handed out at events and can be requested online. Though, use of the card is not required for participation. Once completed, you can email us at with the name you want listed along with a short 1-10 word “vision” statement for 2020 politics. The message can be uplifting, inspiring, a word of caution, or just plain fun! 

Plus, we have in mind scheduled drawings for campaign materials to be announced in the future.

*More details at the bottom of page.

After completing the challenge, email Eli Clemmer at with your name and the message for the wall below!

2020 Vision Wall

  1. *Mike S.
  2. Lynne B.
  3. Brian O.
  4. Ted P.
  5. Shaun T.

*Only the first 1,000 participants will be awarded position on the Vision Wall. Award of position on the Vision Wall has no financial value or worth. Names and messages appearing is at the discretion of the Clemmer For Congress Committee. All names and messages must be deemed appropriate by the Committee. We reserve the right to modify any rules as needed as the campaign continues, especially in regards to potential trolling, harassment, or spam.
Once enough names appear on the board (number TBA), prizes are planned on a scheduled basis to be determined by random number generator, with additional rules on prize drawing to come. There is no cost for entry and prizes will consist of Clemmer For Congress promotional campaign materials to help boost the Clemmer For Congress Campaign. (magnet buttons, stickers, T-shirts, etc.) The earlier you complete the challenge the more likely participants are to win by merit of being involved in more awards.
The Clemmer For Congress Campaign is not responsible for any injuries, losses, harassment, or other harmful aspects of being involved in the Clemmer For Congress 2020 Challenge.

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