Clemmer For NH

Meet Eli Clemmer

Eli Clemmer, liberty-minded public schoolteacher from New Hampshire’s North Country is ready to take Washington head-on in defense of New Hampshire citizens’ Rights and Freedom.
Eli spent his childhood in the D.R. Congo with his missionary family. After returning to the U.S. from Africa, he earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in English, Master of Arts in Teaching, and Master of Information Science.

He and his wife, Amanda, settled into northern New Hampshire where he found a job as a public school Media Specialist. He helps educate our youth, including bringing CAD and a 3D printer to his school.

After the quiet life of a schoolteacher, Eli has decided to challenge the corrupt political engine in D.C. that strips away our American liberty and seeks to impose ever-growing regulation into our lives. Charging ahead with a grassroots campaign, Eli Clemmer is on the path to being the Republican candidate to unseat far-left Democrat Anne Kuster.

Join the movement, get involved today, and always remember to Live Free!

Eli Clemmer is on a mission to change D.C., and he needs your help.

Donations and volunteers are always welcome!

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