Public Education

Public schools should focus on studentsnot government bureaucracy.

Our future lies in the hands of our youth, and our public schools are a critical framework to prepare students to enter and improve the world. Unfortunately, our bureaucratic standards put unrealistic requirements and regulation on what and how are children are taught. A comparison passed around by teachers is they are expected to teach kids how to furnish a house, before the house is even built. Kids exist in the real world and need to master basic skills before teachers are mandated to teach complex skills that require understanding of the basics. Each child, each school, has their own strengths and weaknesses. Resorting to federal policy overwhelms our public schoolteachers, who are the ones that have personal understanding of our students’ needs and how to support them.

This red tape puts constraints on both teachers’ time as well as schools’ financial resources. Unfunded government mandates for education overwhelmingly cause more harm than good. We need to put education back in the hands of those who know it and can provide it the best–our teachers.

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