Eli's Platform

I am ready to protect American freedom in D.C. As a political outsider, I stand for liberty and American values that have kept our nation strong throughout history. I am the candidate who fights for freedom for the individual. Federal government needs to be downsized and work for the protection and liberty of Americans.

2nd Amendment

I believe in “shall not be infringed,” and will defend our rights against unconstitutional Red Flag Laws and Gun Control. I believe in people’s right to defend themselves and their loved ones both inside and outside our homes. As a candidate who has built my own firearms, I understand the ridiculous lengths Democrats will go in defining what is and is not legal.

Freedom of Speech

Working in libraries and with a Masters in Information Science, I strongly believe in our right to speech both on and offline. As of late, there have been calls to censor Conservative speech, especially on social media. The internet is the modern public forum and websites must decide if they wish to be treated as a publisher or a platform. I believe in every American’s right to share their minds.

Reopen NH

I am the only candidate in this race to speak in support Reopening New Hampshire. The government shutdown has attacked our rights and liberties, closed businesses, and lead to unintended consequences that have cost lives. I trust in American individuals to be responsible for their own health as they go about their daily lives and jobs. I will work to limit the power of future Executive Orders.


To stop the propaganda machine our colleges have become we must cut off federal grants from colleges and universities who silence Conservative voices on campus. Tuition rates have drastically risen in large part due to federal student loans as we must work to correct this issue to lower the tuition cost of college.

Clemmer For Congress NH 2020

As Well As

- Unequivocally Pro-Veteran
- Lower Government Regulation & Taxes
- Pro-Life
- American Independence
- Law & Order
- Prevent Illegal Immigration
- Personal Responsibility & Strong Family Life
- Stand for the Everyday American & our Freedom

“Proud to stand up and defend American freedom and our way of life. I will fight for the everyday citizen of New Hampshire during my time in D.C.”