College has become a financial trap.

Higher education has become awash with elitist attitudes. Too often regulation and culture requires college degrees for even low level careers. A college education is important in this day and age due to it being a requirement for employment over the importance of building work skills. The federal government has played a role in this by supplementing colleges’ lavish spending. Seemingly limitless funds are being lent to students pursuing degrees in fields that are overrepresented with low pay. These students are burdened with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. The government and colleges have set a trap, and far too many of our youth fall prey to it, to be forever bound by their debt. We need to fix this to prevent our future from voluntarily indebting themselves for college degrees worth far less than the price paid.

Many of those in debt would find more rewarding and fulfilling careers in those of the highly-skilled and hard-working blue collar American workers. Our farmers, welders, plumbers, electricians, miners, and tradesmen in general all have specialized skills of dire importance to any nation, and help build our economy. By focusing on college, we often neglect to promote these careers to our youth, making them feel obligated to fall into the college financial trap.

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